‘Coolcumber’ (Khassib)                                70–80

High yielding plant produces crisp, sweet, medium-green, spineless mini cucumbers that are 3 to 4″ long. Plants are vigorous and suitable for hot weather with good resistance to powdery mildew.

Giga Bites


‘Giga Bites’                             40–50

Japanese burpless hybrid cucumber plants are vigorous and easy to grow, producing an abundance of crisp, 8″ long cucumbers. Slender fruits, up to 1″ in diameter with fine white spines and glossy, deep green skin. Heat tolerant and resistant to downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV).

Epic (Dusky)


‘Epic’ (Dusky)                        Classic 70–80

Purple-black oval fruits can be picked at 3–5″ or harvested when mature at 8–10″ long. Perfect for roasting or grilling. Can be grown in containers.

Ping Tung


‘Ping Tung’                 ASIAN 70–80

Sweet and tender, 12″ long, purple Chinese eggplants. Delicious creamy flavor and no bitterness.

Rosa Bianca


‘Rosa Bianca’             H         ITALIAN         85–95

Italian heirloom yields beautiful, plump, 4–6″ lightly ribbed fruits with rose, violet and white streaks. Eating quality is excellent with delicious, mild, creamy flavor.

Anaheim Pepper


‘Anaheim’           Mild 65–75
Tapered, 6–8″ long peppers turn from green to red, with delicious, mildly hot flavor. A popular variety that’s excellent for roasting or frying.

Big Bertha Pepper


‘Big Bertha’            Sweet 70–80
Extra large, thick-walled bell peppers can reach 7″ long, ripening from bright green to shiny red, with crisp sweet flesh and few seeds—perfect for fresh eating.

Chocolate Beauty Pepper


‘Chocolate Beauty’           Sweet 80–90
Glossy, lobed bell peppers can be eaten green but are especially sweet when they’ve ripened to deep chocolate brown. Excellent for salads, stuffing, or cooking.

Golden Bell Pepper


‘Golden Bell’           Sweet 65–75
Picture perfect 3″ bell peppers ripen from green to light yellow to deep golden yellow. Sweet, blocky, thick-walled fruits are excellent for salads or stuffing.

Jalapeno Pepper


‘Jalapeño’            Hot 70–80
Dark green, 3″ conical peppers with hot, zesty flavor are thick-walled and easy to seed, one of the best for salsa, nachos, or chiles. Perfect fresh or pickled.

Purple Beauty Pepper


‘Purple Beauty’          Sweet 85–95
The best purple bell, with crisp, sweetly flavored dark purple peppers that appear early and abundantly. Lobed 3″ fruits ripen to a radiant purple-red.