Ali Baba


‘Ali Baba’ Watermelon                     Heirloom        90–100

A rare introduction from Iraq, where many heirloom varieties have been lost during years of war. Oblong, 12 to 20″ melons have an unusual, pale green rind with a darker green crackle pattern and the pink-red flesh is sweet, crisp, and juicy with few seeds. Vigorous, heat and drought tolerant plants produce abundant, hard-rinded fruits that hold well without splitting.

Moon & Stars


‘Moon & Stars’ (Van Doren)                        Heirloom        95–105

Heirloom watermelon thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered near Macon, Missouri, growing in the garden of Merle Van Doren. Large, 12 to 15″ round watermelons are 10 to 25 lbs. with an unforgettable galaxy of tiny golden dots of “stars” and larger yellow-gold “moon” spots on its dark green fruits and foliage. Ultra-sweet, luscious pink flesh. Not just a novelty.

Sugar Baby


‘Sugar Baby’ Watermelon                Heirloom        80–90

Small, 8 to 10″ round “icebox” watermelons are 6 to 10 lbs. with a nearly black rind when ripe. A standard picnic staple since it was introduced in 1959. Crisp, juicy, deep red-orange flesh, small black seeds, and incredibly sweet, rich flavor. Mildew resistant.



‘Ambrosia’ Cantaloupe                                 80–90

A reliable garden and fresh market favorite. Round, hybrid melons are 4 to 5 lbs. with pale orange flesh and a small seed cavity. Very sweet, floral flavor is both juicy and tender. Disease resistant.

Swan Lake


‘Swan Lake’ Honeydew                    Heirloom        80–90

Rare, beautiful, small honeydew-type melons are 2 to 3 lbs. with smooth, creamy yellow skin. Flesh is white to pale salmon-pink with sweet, crisp flavor.