Amish Paste

MM_AmishPaste‘Amish Paste’       H         IN        80–90

Heirloom paste tomato produces tons of meaty 6–8 oz. red fruits—one of the best for sauces and canning. Thrives in short summer areas.




‘Anahu’           H         D         80–90

University of Hawaii tomato breeder Dr. Jim Gilbert named this variety after his student, Bill Anahu, was killed in action during WWII. A productive determinate variety with uniform ripening, red, 2–3″ round fruit with good, sweet flavor. Great choice for hot and humid climates.

Arkansas Traveler


‘Arkansas Traveler’       H         IN        75–85

Heirloom tomato from the 1900s that produces great tasting, round, 8 oz. medium-sized, rose-pink fruit—even under high heat, humidity or drought. Resists cracking and disease.

Beaverlodge Slicer


‘Beaverlodge Slicer’              D         55–65

Exceptionally early and productive, with rich balanced flavor. Smooth, round, 2″ red fruits cover compact plants. Good choice for cooler growing regions.



‘Beefsteak’     H         IN        85–95

Bright red, slightly ribbed, 4–5″ heirloom tomatoes with delicious, sweet, meaty flesh. An excellent slicer, but also wonderful for cooking, salads or canning.

Big Beef


‘Big Beef’                    IN        70–75

Red, globe-shaped, 1 lb. fruits with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Abundant, firm, crack-resistant tomatoes produced over a long period.

Big Zac


‘Big Zac’                      IN        80–90

This prize-winning variety has been known to produce fruits weighing up to 6 lbs.! Huge, glossy-red beefsteaks are ideal for slicing, sandwiches.

Black Krim


‘Black Krim’   H         IN        70–90

Violet-red, slightly flattened, 4–5″ fruits with near-black shoulders have intense, smoky flavor. Heat tolerant. Color deepens as summer temperatures rise. Russian heirloom.

Blush Tiger


‘Blush Tiger’            IN        75–85

A julienne cherry tomato sought after for its exceptionally sweet, juicy, tropical flavor. The 2″ elongated fruits are ready when a pink blush appears over the golden-yellow skin. Bred by Fred Hempel of Artisan Seeds.



‘Brandywine’ (Sudduth’s)    H         IN        80–90

The famous heirloom produces 1–2 lb., scarlet-pink beefsteaks with high acid and sugar content. Considered one of the world’s best-tasting tomatoes.

Bumblebee™ ‘Pink’


Bumblebee™ ‘Pink’               IN        65–75

Striped, crack-resistant cherry tomato in glowing rose and gold combines standout visual appeal and superb flavor! Round, 1½” fruits are gorgeous and tasty in fresh salads.

Bumblebee™ ‘Purple’


Bumblebee™ ‘Purple’                       IN        65–75

Striped, crack-resistant cherry tomato in vivid violet and dark green stripes combines standout visual appeal and superb flavor! Round, 1½” fruits are gorgeous and tasty in fresh salads.

Bumblebee™ ‘Sunrise’


Bumblebee™ ‘Sunrise’                      IN        65–75

New, striped cherry tomato with yellow stripes over red marbling. A descendant of ‘Blush’ with more prominent marbling. Beautiful and bright cherry tomato with complex, sweet, and fruity flavor. Produced by the Artisan Seeds breeding program.



‘Carmello’                   IN        75-85

This smooth, red, crack-resistant variety is a favorite in European markets for its delicious balance of sugar and acid. Productive even in cooler weather.

Cherokee Purple


‘Cherokee Purple’     H         IN        75–85

Dusky rose, 8–12 oz. round fruits with complex, old-time flavor. 19th century heirloom. Perfect for slicing, sandwiches.


Chocolate Stripes


‘Chocolate Stripes’    H         IN        70–80

Scarlet and green striped heirloom tomatoes with deep, red-brown flesh combine gorgeous color and rich, sweet, complex flavors. Places high on all taste tests. Superb for slicing or salads.



‘Copia’       H         IN        85–95

Beautiful bi-color heirloom slicer is streaked in glowing gold and crimson with sweet, juicy, red and yellow swirled flesh inside. Excellent clean flavor.

Costoluto Genovese


‘Costoluto Genovese’            H         IN        85-95

Large, heavily lobed, deep red heirloom tomatoes have meaty, full-flavored, slightly tart flesh. Makes beautiful scalloped slices as well as a rich, hearty sauce.



‘Creole’                       IN        70–80

Heirloom with a loyal following. Developed at LSU in the 1950s for warm, humid climates. Plant produces red, 3″ round fruit that resists cracking. Meaty, delicious, juicy flavor with good acidity.



‘Defiant’                      D         70-80

First variety to combine old-fashioned tomato taste with late blight resistance. High yielding plant produces 6–8 oz., globe-shaped fruits. Well-flavored with a bit of bite. Excellent choice for late blight protection.

Early Girl


‘Early Girl’                  IN        50–60

Bright red, 4–6 oz. round slicers. Early, dependable, and flavorful fruits in almost any climate.

Green Tiger


‘Green Tiger’             IN        70-80

Gorgeous green and yellow streaked fruits are just 2–3″ long by 1″ wide with an unusual tapered shape. Versatile in the kitchen, eye-catching, and delicious on the plate. High yields. Bred by Fred Hempel of Artisan Seeds.

Heatwave II

MM_HeatwaveII‘Heatwave II’              D         65-75

Round, red, 7 oz. tomatoes on compact, disease-resistant plants with exceptional heat-tolerance for abundant yields—even in hot climates.

Homestead 24


‘Homestead 24’         H         D         80-90

Round, red, 8 oz. heirloom tomatoes are smooth and uniform with good flavor. Compact, heat-tolerant plants ideal for high temperatures and container gardening.

Indigo ‘Apple’


Indigo ‘Apple’                        IN        70–80

New, rare addition to the “blue tomato” series with extra-high anthocyanins! The 2–4 oz. fruits start green and purple, ripening to near black in the sunlight. Good sweet flavor.

Indigo ‘Kumquat’


Indigo ‘Kumquat’                  Semi-IN           80–90

Beautiful orange grape tomatoes with large patches of deep indigo on their shoulders. High quality 1 oz. fruits have aromatic tangerine flesh with very high levels of vitamin A and outstanding semi-sweet flavor.

Indigo ‘Rose’


Indigo ‘Rose’              IN        75–85

Stunning clusters of 2–3″ purple-black fruits that turn a rosy red when ripe. Deep red flesh with strong acidic flavor. High levels of anthocyanin. Breeder’s rule of thumb: If you think it’s ripe, wait three more days before you pick it.

Indigo ‘Ruby’


Indigo ‘Ruby’             D         80–90

Highest levels of antioxidants (including anthocyanins and vitamins A and E) in the “blue tomato” series! Plum-shaped, 1–2 oz. fruits are deep indigo with red undersides and sweet, dark red flesh.



‘Jetsetter’                    IN        60–70

Very early, large, rich, and flavorful 8 oz. red tomatoes. Smooth, juicy, flattened globes with good yields and disease resistance. A great early harvest.



‘Juliet’             IN        60–70

Rated one of the most disease resistant tomatoes. 12–18 deep red fruits per cluster. Deliciously rich tomato taste for salads, salsa, and fresh pasta sauce. Good crack resistance, vine storage, and shelf life. AAS winner.

Lucky Tiger


‘Lucky Tiger’              IN        65–75

Marbled, “green-when-ripe” elongated cherry tomato. When ripe, brick-red panels appear between its green stripes. Incredible, complex flavor with hints of tropical tang and deep sweetness. Produced by the Artisan Seeds breeding program. Newly released in fall of 2013.



‘Manitoba’      H         D         60–70

Bright crimson, 3–4″ heirloom tomatoes with fresh, tangy flavor. Developed in Canada to thrive in cool, short-season areas. Great for slicing and canning.



‘Momotaro’                IN        70–80

6–7 oz., dark-pink heirloom tomatoes are heat tolerant with intricate yet well-balanced sweet and tangy flavors. Japan’s #1 selling tomato.

Mortgage Lifter


‘Mortgage Lifter’ (Estler’s)       H         IN        85–95

Dark pink, 1–2 lb. fruits are meaty with good, old-time flavor.  Heirloom known for its productivity.

Mountain Magic


‘Mountain Magic’                   IN        65-75

High yields of 2 oz., bright red, round, salad tomatoes with sweet flavor. The uniform, crack-resistant fruits are great in salads or right off the vine. Has shown good late blight resistance.

Paul Robeson


‘Paul Robeson’     H         IN       75-85

Slightly flattened, dark red heirloom beefsteaks are 4″ across with greenish shoulders. Luscious red flesh has earthy, exotic, well-balanced flavor. Cold tolerant.


MM_Pineapple‘Pineapple’     H         IN        85–95

Huge golden beefsteaks, marbled in cherry-red have mild fruity flavor. Heirloom with yields of 1–2 lb. fruits.

Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye


‘Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye’                    IN        80–90

A true tri-color, with green and red striped skin and flesh streaked with red, green, and yellow. High acid fruits have smooth texture and delicious, complex, sweet-tart flavor.

San Marzano


‘San Marzano’ (Redorta)      H         IN        80–90

Famous Italian heirloom yields bright red, tapered, 3″ fruits. Meaty and flavorful. Ideal for canning or sauce.

Sasha’s Altai

Sashas Altai‘Sasha’s Altai’       H         D         55–65

Bright red, slightly flattened, 4–6 oz. fruits have thin skins and complex, award-winning flavor. Russian heirloom ripens early. Good for cool or high-altitude areas.



‘Smarty’                      IN        60–70

Medium-sized plants produce sweet, full-flavored grape tomatoes with excellent texture and little to no cracking. Compact indeterminate.


Stupice‘Stupice’          H         IN        60–70

Extra early and reliable; cool-season heirloom produces 2″ red fruits with wonderful, balanced, sweet-acid tomato flavor. Perfect for gardeners in northern climes or first of season production in warmer areas.



‘Sunmaster’                D         70–80

Developed for the southwest US and other hot, humid or dry climates. Produces good yields of 7 oz. bright red tomatoes—even when temperatures get above 90˚ F.

Sun Sugar


‘Sun Sugar’                 IN        65–75

Abundant, candy-sweet orange cherry tomatoes with high levels of sugar and vitamin A. Possibly the world’s sweetest tomato!

Sweet Million


‘Sweet Million’                       IN        65–75

Sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes produced in large clusters. Crack and disease resistant.